Black Walnut Conga

We just finished this solid shell black walnut conga for a friend to the north. It’s made from locally and sustainably sourced black walnut wood from Athens, GA. Our 304 stainless steel hardware is very strong, lustrous and guaranteed for the life of the drum.

Hardware: 6-lug half round Moderna crown, heavy duty 3/8″ tuning lugs, heavy duty sideplates

Skin: 2mm amber steer

Playing Surface: 13″ diameter

Height: 30″

Weight: 28.4 lbs

Junior Tirado Congas

We recently completed work on these six Junior Tirado congas- 11″, 11.5″, 12.25″, 12.5″, 12.75″, 13″. The owner requested all new steer skins, Moderna crowns, flesh hoops, lugs and shell protectors. ‘Manito’ also fabricated custom stands for four of them. I always enjoy having sought after drums in the shop. It affords the opportunity to study the construction and the builder’s attention to or lack of attention to detail.

Mounted A Calf Skin On This Djembe

I mounted a calf skin on this djembe for a local customer this week. Instead of trimming the excess skin, I decided to twist it. The twist came out much cleaner and more secure than trimming would have for this type of hardware. Anybody else have success with this method?

Gon Bops Mariano Congas

Does anybody own a full set of newer, modern, Gon Bops Mariano Congas- 10.75″ Quinto, 11.5″ Conga, 12.25″ Tumba, 13.25″ Super Tumba?

Scratch and Dent Middle Eastern Steer Skins- 5 Pack

BIG DEAL!!! Scratch and Dent Middle Eastern Steer Skins- 5 Pack includes 20″ diameter skins ranging from 1.5mm to 2.7mm in thickness. They have minor blemishes like scratches or slightly rough surface, but are perfectly functional. They sound warm and classic with crisp slaps, round open tones, rich bass and controlled overtones. Thicknesses are consistent.

Signs That Tuning Lugs Need To Be Replaced

There are signs that tuning lugs need to be replaced. Replace if the threads are damaged any any way. The nut must move freely and smoothly for tuning ease. Replace if the shape of the lug has been compromised. Lugs are designed to provide tension at the proper angle to avoid damage to the side plates, shell and crown.