All drums on this page are examples of our work, and have been sold. Manito Percussion bata can be purchased through the website from our Drums Available page. We also maintain a wait list for potential customers with specific requirements or desires. Please contact us via to get on the wait list.

Manito Percussion is an independent custom hand drum workshop located in lush Athens, Georgia. We specialize in solid shell congas, bongos, bata, bombas, djembes and other drums. We unite art and science to create instruments that speak to the ears, eyes and hands.

Each solid shell drum is precision handcrafted from sustainably harvested, local hardwood logs. Our designs marry art, physics of sound creation, environmental responsibility and the natural beauty that only solid shells can offer. We believe beautiful music should exist in harmony with nature.

Manito Percussion Solid Shell Bata Drums pay homage to the masters, teachers and drum builders that have come before by respecting a traditional Cuban shape and tone.

We combine traditional shell shapes with our stainless steel hardware, sustainably harvested North American “exotic” hardwoods, and the finest horse and steer hides on the market.

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