Manito Percussion/Del Cielo Hybrid Bata Set

These are very cool drums- Manito Percussion/Del Cielo Hybrid Bata Set! The DC American Elm solid shells got the works with a refinish, full conversion to stainless steel mechanical tuning and Middle Eastern steer skins. The shells are hand carved inside and lathe turned outside. Huge for a huge sound. Okonkolo- 6-1/2″ x 8-3/8″, Itotele- 6-5/8″ x 10-1/4″, Iya- 8″ x 15″

Spalted Poplar Solid Shell Conga Trio

This spalted poplar solid shell conga trio is made of locally and sustainably sourced wood from Athens, GA. Each drum begins as a solid log and is painstakingly hollowed and turned on our custom built conga lathe.

Spalting is the process of naturally coloring the wood using certain fungi and is accomplished here in our shop. The inlays are made of natural turquoise stone. The bottoms are protected by a clear polymer foot which will not mark or scratch floors.

This set is built to be tonally matched to sing together and the internal geometry of each drum is individually designed to bring out the best possible tones from the drums. The skins have been meticulously chosen to match the harmonics of the shells and to create a symbiosis of sound across the entire set.

Skin: 2.3mm amber Middle Eastern steer
Playing Surface: 13-1/4″ diameter
Height: 30″
Weight: 29.3 pounds
Hardware: 304 stainless steel 6-lug half round Moderna crown, heavy duty 3/8″ tuning lugs

Skin: 2.1mm amber Middle Eastern steer
Playing Surface: 11.5″ diameter
Height: 30″
Weight: 24.8 pounds
Hardware: 304 stainless steel 6-lug half round Moderna crown, heavy duty 3/8″ tuning lugs

Skin: 1.9mm amber Middle Eastern steer
Playing Surface: 11″ diameter
Height: 30″
Weight: 23.2 pounds
Hardware: 304 stainless steel 5-lug half round Moderna crown, heavy duty 3/8″ tuning lugs

Conga From Pete At PM Percussion

Ryan “Manito” Wendel writes, “Holeeee Moleeee! Here’s my out of this world conga from Pete at PM Percussion! This beauty is stellar from top to bottom. The build quality, attention to detail and most importantly the tone is just gorgeous! The pictures just don’t do justice to this work of art. Thank you so much Pete, I’m always grateful for your friendship and I’m just thrilled that we decided to make this trade! Just wow!!”

Isla Congas

We recently supplied 3/8″ stainless steel lugs for this set of Isla congas. I enjoy the minimal, sleek design of the crown/rim.

Trade A Conga

It’s been years since Pete Musser and I hatched a plan to trade a ⁠conga, and we’ve finally brought it to fruition! Here’s the drum I built for Pete, a spalted maple conga with an 11 7/8″ playing surface x 30″ tall. It features Lapis Lazuli fill in all the worm holes, our signature stainless steel hardware and a Middle Eastern steer skin. Thanks so much Pete!! I absolutely can’t wait to get my gorgeous new PM Percussion Conga!!!

Contrast Is King

Contrast is king today! I gravitated towards a darker steer skin to pull out the spalting in this solid poplar conga shell. A matching quinto and tumba are next.

Custom Formed Tuning Lugs

Made of 5/16″ 304 stainless steel, these custom formed tuning lugs are cold bent into a variety of shapes and lengths. We can match most lugs. Each one includes high strength cadmium coated washer and 1/2″ nut, as well as a black rubber tip. maximum length- 7-3/8″, minimum length- 4″

Rainbow Poplar Bongos

These solid shell rainbow poplar bongos were made with wood sourced sustainably from Athens, GA. They feature our handmade stainless steel hardware and horse and steer skins.

Wood: rainbow poplar from Athens, GA
Height: 6-3/8″
Width: 7″ macho, 9″ hembra
Bridge: spalted maple with turquoise inlay
Skins: 1mm horse on macho, 1.5mm steer on hembra
Hardware: 304 stainless steel, half round moderna crown
Weight: 10.5 lbs