Upgrade The Skins And Flesh Hoops

A customer recently brought us these older Toca congas (9.75″ requinto, two 10.75″ quintos) to upgrade the skins and flesh hoops. They will only be used in his studio, so I mounted 1.9mm Middle Eastern Steer across the entire set to better control overtones while preserving action. Check out the side plates and the size of the bottoms!

Enjoy A Before And After?

Enjoy before and after? We upgraded the skins, flesh hoops and lugs, as well as refinished a customer’s 6.25″ x 7.25″ bongos. They are in great shape with no need for crack/stave separation repair. I mounted/tucked a .9mm horse skin on the macho and 1.2mm steer skin on the hembra. There was very little space between the shell and crown.

Poplar Bongos

These solid shell poplar bongos were made with wood sourced sustainably from Athens, GA.  They feature our handmade stainless steel hardware and horse and steer skins.

Wood: poplar

Height: 6-3/8″

Width: 7.25″ macho, 9″ hembra

Bridge: spalted maple with turquoise and lapis inlay

Skins: 1mm horse on macho, 1.7mm steer on hembra

Hardware: 304 stainless steel, half round moderna crown

Weight: 11 lbs

Upgraded The Skins

We recently upgraded the skins on these JCR bongos to 1mm horse on the macho and 1.5mm Middle Eastern steer on the hembra for a good friend and customer in California. These skin types and respective thicknesses provide a lovely contrast between the bright resonant crack of the horse and deep throaty punch of the steer.