Black Gold™

I mounted a beautiful 2mm thick Black Gold™ skin on an 11.75″ conga today. It’s Brazilian buffalo, and produces warm tones and rich bass. It also has medium action and a slightly dimpled supple playing surface. Black Gold™ is available as PreMounted™ heads or flat skins.

Middle Eastern Steer

This is a fraction of the Middle Eastern Steer we received last week. It produces a warm and classic sound with crisp slaps, round open tones, rich bass and controlled overtones. It has medium action, very smooth and somewhat supple playing surface, and is ideal for live and studio applications. It is the most versatile skin type we offer, and our shop favorite! Available as flat skins and PreMounted heads in natural, amber and chocolate colors.

Flesh Hoops

Our Flesh Hoops a.k.a. “skin hoops” are fabricated from either 3/16″ round, 1/4″ round or 3/16″ square 304 stainless steel, and TiG welded for added strength. They are available in outside diameters from 7″ to 17-7/8″ in 1/8″ increments, and will never rust.

Premium PreMounted™ Timbale Heads

Love an old school sound and feel? Our Premium PreMounted™ Timbale Heads sound warm and classic compared to synthetic heads, and excel in the studio! They are the traditional choice for the most old school timbale sound.

Premium PreMounted™ Timbale Heads are .4mm natural calf skins mounted on 3/16″ square stainless steel flesh hoops. They are designed to fit timbales or any 13″, 14″ or 15″ snare or tom right out of the box.

Littles Stopped By The Shop

Beau and Kristen Littles stopped by the shop for a visit. Among other things, they run a rescue in Florida, and brought Crystal. Crystal is a 3 year old racoon that lost the use of her limbs very early in life. She’s very much a member of her big hearted family. I’m continually amazed how our drumming community brings great people into our lives.

Ultra Thin Calf

These Ultra Thin Calf skins are 22″ in diameter, .4mm thick, and perfect for any drum that requires a very thin skin. It produces bright and resonant tones, has lively action, and a smooth and forgiving playing surface. Calf excels on timbales, drumset, frame drums, tambourines, pandeiros, djembes and many other drum types.

PreMounted™ Middle Eastern Steer Matched Set

This PreMounted™ Middle Eastern Steer Matched Set For LP 11″, 11.75″ and 12.5″ Congas With EZ Curve Crowns is artfully crafted with close attention to detail. This ensures the tone, color, finish and feel are as closely matched as possible.

Skin Type: Middle Eastern Steer
Skin Color: Amber
Crown Type: EZ Curve
11” Quinto Skin Thickness: 1.8mm
11.75″ Conga Skin Thickness: 2mm
12.5″ Tumba Skin Thickness: 2.2mm
Sound: warm and classic with crisp slaps, round open tones, rich bass and controlled overtones- ideal for live and studio applications
Feel: medium action, somewhat supple/forgiving playing surface