Premium PreMounted™ Conga Heads: Toca

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Premium PreMounted™ Conga Heads are natural skins mounted on 1/4″ round 304 stainless steel flesh hoops. They are designed to fit drums with specific shell sizes and crown types right out of the box.

A wide variety of skin types, thicknesses and three color options make your PreMounted™ heads fully customizable to suit any application.

Skin thickness is recommended relative to the shell size- the larger the shell, the thicker the skin. This produces a balanced sound across the entire set of drums.

Bright and resonant sound with very crisp slaps, longer sustain and more overtones:

Requinto:  1.6mm

Quinto: 1.6mm

Conga: 1.8mm

Tumba: 2mm

Super Tumba: 2.2mm

Warm and classic sound with crisp slaps, round open tones, rich bass and controlled overtones:

Requinto:  1.8mm (recommended)

Quinto: 1.8mm (recommended)

Conga: 2mm (recommended)

Tumba: 2.2mm (recommended)

Super Tumba: 2.4mm (recommended)

Dry and woody sound with crisp slaps, shorter sustain and highly controlled overtones:

Requinto:  2mm

Quinto: 2mm

Conga: 2.2mm

Tumba: 2.4mm

Super Tumba: 2.6mm

Traditional very dry and woody sound with the shortest sustain and next to no overtones.

Requinto:  2.2mm

Quinto: 2.2mm

Conga: 2.4mm

Tumba: 2.6mm

Super Tumba: 2.8mm


Skin Types

Black Gold™: Brazilian buffalo, warm tones, rich bass, medium action, slightly dimpled supple playing surface

Fat Cat™: Middle Eastern Nili Ravi buffalo, dry/woody tones, low action, smooth and dense playing surface, ideal for folkloric styles

Steer (Peru): Peruvian steer, crisp slaps, round open tones, rich bass, highly controlled overtones, warm and classic, medium action, ideal for studio

Steer (Middle East): Middle Eastern steer, crisp slaps, round open tones, rich bass, controlled overtones, warm and classic, medium action, very smooth and somewhat supple playing surface, ideal for live and studio, our shop favorite


Production times vary based on thickness, color and order volume. The typical required drying time for a 2.2mm skin is one week.

For answers to many common questions visit our FAQ. White glove customer service available.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 15.5 × 15.5 × 2 in
Skin Type

Black Gold™, Fat Cat™, Steer (Middle East), Steer (Peru)

Skin Thickness

1.6mm Medium, 1.8mm Medium Thick, 2.0mm Thick, 2.2mm Extra Thick, 2.4mm Extra Thick, 2.6mm 2X Thick, 2.8mm 2X Thick, 3.0mm 3X Thick

Skin Color

Natural, Amber, Chocolate

Drum Size

11" Quinto, 11.75" Conga, 12.5" Tumba

Crown Type

Toca EasyPlay, Toca Traditional

4 reviews for Premium PreMounted™ Conga Heads: Toca

  1. Michael Miller

    Perfect thickness for my quinto. No overtones and slaps are effortless. I will soon order the same skin for the conga when I get the funds. Thank you for making this drum sound as good as it can.

  2. Michael

    Excellent skins! Great sound. Quality and shipping both excellent. Thanks!


    My order arrived in one week! Great service.

    What a difference these heads make! I ordered the Middle East Steer head (thick) and couldn’t be more pleased. Makes my drum sound like a million bucks. I will be ordering for my conga and tumba next.

    The sound and tone are great, and that is straight out of the box! They will only get better. I can’t wait until the head has some use and settles in.

  4. Melvin Reyes

    These heads just sound amazing. To be honest my Toca Limited Edition sound like up scale drum .

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