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Premium PreMounted™ Conga Heads are natural skins mounted on 1/4″ round 304 stainless steel flesh hoops. They are designed to fit drums with specific shell sizes and crown types right out of the box.

A wide variety of skin types, thicknesses and three color options make your PreMounted™ heads fully customizable to suit any application.

Skin thickness is recommended relative to the shell size- the larger the shell, the thicker the skin. This produces a balanced sound across the entire set of drums.


Bright and resonant sound with very crisp slaps, longer sustain and more overtones:

Requinto:  1.6mm

Quinto: 1.6mm

Conga: 1.8mm

Tumba: 2mm

Super Tumba: 2.2mm

Warm and classic sound with crisp slaps, round open tones, rich bass and controlled overtones:

Requinto:  1.8mm (recommended)

Quinto: 1.8mm (recommended)

Conga: 2mm (recommended)

Tumba: 2.2mm (recommended)

Super Tumba: 2.4mm (recommended)

Dry and woody sound with crisp slaps, shorter sustain and highly controlled overtones:

Requinto:  2mm

Quinto: 2mm

Conga: 2.2mm

Tumba: 2.4mm

Super Tumba: 2.6mm

Traditional very dry and woody sound with the shortest sustain and next to no overtones.

Requinto:  2.2mm

Quinto: 2.2mm

Conga: 2.4mm

Tumba: 2.6mm

Super Tumba: 2.8mm


Skin Types

Black Gold™: Brazilian buffalo, warm tones, rich bass, medium action, slightly dimpled supple playing surface

Fat Cat™: Middle Eastern Nili Ravi buffalo, dry/woody tones, low action, smooth and dense playing surface, ideal for folkloric styles

Steer (Peru): Peruvian steer, crisp slaps, round open tones, rich bass, highly controlled overtones, warm and classic, medium action, ideal for studio

Steer (Middle East): Middle Eastern steer, crisp slaps, round open tones, rich bass, controlled overtones, warm and classic, medium action, very smooth and somewhat supple playing surface, ideal for live and studio, our shop favorite


Over the years, LP has offered many crown/rim styles- each with unique geometry. Our heads are specifically designed to fit the following:

Traditional: rolled thick gauge, steel flat bar

Traditional Conga Crown

EZ Curve: thinner gauge steel, rim-radius curve

Comfort Curve 1 (Soft Strike): thick gauge steel, rim-radius curve

Comfort Curve 2 (X): note smooth ear, thick gauge steel, rim-radius curve

Extended Collar (Z): extended collar, note ear with imprinted triangles, thick gauge steel, rim-radius curve, shares dimensions with Top Tuning crowns

How To Measure Drum Size

This is an 11″ quinto.


Production times vary based on thickness, color and order volume. The typical required drying time for a 2.2mm skin is one week.

For answers to many common questions visit our FAQ. White glove customer service available.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 15.5 × 15.5 × 2 in
Skin Type

Black Gold™, Fat Cat™, Steer (Middle East), Steer (Peru)

Skin Thickness

1.6mm Medium, 1.8mm Medium Thick, 2.0mm Thick, 2.2mm Extra Thick, 2.4mm Extra Thick, 2.6mm 2X Thick, 2.8mm 2X Thick, 3.0mm 3X Thick

Skin Color

Natural, Amber, Chocolate

Drum Size

9.75" Requinto, 10" Quinto, 11" Quinto, 11.75" Conga, 12.5" Tumba, 14" Super Tumba

Crown Type

Comfort Curve 1 (Soft Strike), Comfort Curve 2 (X), Extended Collar (Z), Top Tuning, Traditional, EZ Curve

23 reviews for Premium PreMounted™ Conga Heads: LP

  1. Michael Giboyeaux

    The heads are high quality, but you can work on the pricing, lower it down some.

  2. Swen

    Thanks. Longstanding relationships with our suppliers around the world allow us to offer a variety of top quality skins that are consistent in thickness, free of blemishes and sound great. We aim to contribute to our drumming community in a positive, transparent and sustainable fashion. Unfortunately, top quality skins are expensive. Our customers expect the best, and we deliver!

  3. Dennis S.

    Simply beautiful sound

  4. Steve Branham

    Best premounted skins you can get anywhere. Quality craftsmanship and top of the line products. Nobody can touch them


    As a touring musician, constant travel and performance schedules can be brutal, especially on hand percussion drum heads. Synthetic heads were the answer at one time. The compromise was loss of tonal quality.

    Then I discovered Manito’s Percussion drum heads. I do understand that real hides require extra special care, but these are well worth it.

    After putting them through hell and back, the heads proved themselves to be what I was always looking for, wonderful tones, and excellent quality.

    I can honestly say, Manito Percussion drum heads are the only way to go!

  6. Benny Morales

  7. Mack Castillo

    excellent 1.8 mm quinto head mid eastern. Great sound.

  8. Lylburn

  9. Robert B.

    Great product even though i ordered the wrong size head. I still appreciate the hard work and dedication Manito Percussion does by hand making every head

  10. Pico

    Great quality and service in mounting nice heads to my specifications.

  11. johmar sierra

  12. Jose Rivera

    Very impressed! I got three for my LP Matadors and I’m in love with these middle eastern steer heads! Smooth surface, warm sound, crisp slaps, deep bass and opens, aesthetically beautiful, nice snug fit… Awesome product and customer service is A+.

  13. John Cabrera

    Top notch customer service! I ordered pre mounted heads for my congas, but ordered the wrong type for my crown. My mistake. Swen crafted a new set for my Palladiums and shipped them even before he received the returned heads! Customer for life!

  14. Israel R.

    I was able to visit the shop and it was amazing. Manito answered all my questions, replaced the heads I had previously received. The heads are like Egyptian cotton. Best I have ever seen and felt. I would recommend their services anyday.

  15. Mack P Castillo

    just recieved about a week ago 11 3/4 1.6 mm for my patato ccx2 man it sounds incredible and its not even broken in yet. Great sounding heads you get your moneys worth thank you Ryan and Swen for the great work.

  16. Mack P Castillo

    Great conga heads great quality great sound very happy buy from the best Manito percussion.

  17. Howard B.

    Great sound Black Gold

  18. Johmar Sierra

    awesome product

  19. Michael M.

    great fit, skins sound great!

  20. Mack Castillo

    Great sounding conga heads 1.6 mm 11 3/4

  21. Matt F.

    Double thumbs up for these guys. They made a hard to fulfill order happen for my brother’s birthday. Great customer service and super nice staff.

  22. Joseph Brown

    A plus service!! Had trouble on the website so I gave up. Next day I received a call from Sven and he walked me through the process of ordering. A week later I received my pre- mounted head which fit perfectly on my conga. Both of the premounted skins I purchased from Manito has my congas singing. They sound awesome. Thank you.

  23. Miguel

    As always, great service! Awesome skins

  24. Steven Taylor

    Beautiful heads. Excellent customer service. Thank you!!

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