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Fat Cat™ Buffalo is Middle Eastern Nili Ravi. On congas, it produces dry/woody tones, and has low action at thickness above 2.5mm. It is ideal for folkloric styles or any application where a very thick skin is preferred.

Skin thickness is recommended relative to the shell size- the larger the shell, the thicker the skin. This produces a balanced sound across the entire set of drums.

Warm and classic sound with crisp slaps, round open tones, rich bass and controlled overtones:

Requinto:  1.8mm

Quinto: 1.8mm

Conga: 2mm

Tumba: 2.2mm

Super Tumba: 2.4mm

Dry and woody sound with crisp slaps, shorter sustain and highly controlled overtones:

Requinto:  2mm (recommended)

Quinto: 2mm (recommended)

Conga: 2.2mm (recommended)

Tumba: 2.4mm (recommended)

Super Tumba: 2.6mm (recommended)

Traditional very dry and woody sound with the shortest sustain and next to no overtones.

Requinto:  2.2mm

Quinto: 2.2mm

Conga: 2.4mm

Tumba: 2.6mm

Super Tumba: 2.8mm

Available skin colors: natural, amber, chocolate

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Additional information

Weight 1.6 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 22 × .5 in
Skin Size

20", 22"

Skin Thickness

1.8mm Medium Thick, 2.0mm Thick, 2.2mm Extra Thick, 2.4mm Extra Thick, 2.6mm 2X Thick, 2.8mm 2X Thick, 3.0mm 3X Thick

Skin Color

Natural, Amber, Chocolate

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  1. Julio

    Skins were very nice, however I decided to exchange them for other Manito skins. Very pleased overall with Manito products.

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