New Manito Skins For My Timba Drums

Thank you for sharing your support, insights and knowledge Maestro Edgardo Cambon. Your contribution to our percussion community has always been positive- a ray of light.

It’s true, a high quality skin improves the sound and feel of a drum. We put a lot of time and energy into providing the highest quality skins available. It really comes down to relationships with our suppliers and desire to help others with upgrades in a transparent, honest and sustainable way. It’s also a great deal of fun!

Refinishing and Finishing

The darker 80s Gon Bops shell in the back is one of three ‘Manito’ is refinishing for a friend.

The solid shell sycamore quinto is ready for hardware and a skin.

Matched PreMounted Steer

The thicknesses are 1.5mm on the 9.75″ requinto, 1.7mm on the 11″ quinto, 1.9mm on the 11.75″ conga and 2.1mm on the 12.5″ tumba. The sound is considered warm and classic with crisp slaps, round open tones, rich bass and controlled overtones.

Truly Hand Crafted: Episode III – THE BONGO SHELL Part 2

Happy Holidays! Truly Hand Crafted is a new series and inside look at how we make our solid shell drums, custom hardware and drum heads. In this episode the focus is on wood turning. Watch ‘Manito’ turn one of our rough bongos shells into a finished shell ready for clear coat.