PreMounted™ Fat Cat™ Matched Set

This PreMounted™ Fat Cat™ Matched Set is artfully processed and crafted with close attention to detail. This ensures the tone, color, finish and feel are as closely matched as possible. These skins like all of our skins are the highest quality as a result of our relationships with suppliers. They know exactly what we’re looking for- the best. When skins arrive, I carefully inspect and measure the thickness with a long reach outside digital caliper. I send this same tool to each of our suppliers so we’re all on the same page. Inspecting the skins carefully and thoroughly ensures our customers know they are getting the very best skins. Available now. Check out this video demo.

Skin Type: Fat Cat™ Nili Ravi Buffalo (Middle East)

Skin Color: amber

Crown Type: LP Extended Collar (Z)

11” Quinto Skin Thickness: 2mm

11.75″ Conga Skin Thickness: 2.2mm

12.5″ Tumba Skin Thickness: 2.3mm

Sound: crisp slaps, controlled overtones, warm and classic

Feel: medium action, smooth playing surface

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