Control Overtones

A thicker skin will control overtones (ring) produced by any drum. The thicker the skin, the dryer and more woody the sound becomes. Skin thickness is recommended relative to the shell size- the larger the shell, the thicker the skin. This produces a balanced sound across the entire set of drums. Fiberglass shells require even thicker (+ .2mm) skins than the recommended thickness for wooden drums below.

The skin thicknesses below will produce a warm and classic sound with crisp slaps, round open tones, rich bass and controlled overtones:

Bongo Macho: 1mm

Bongo Hembra: 1.4mm

Requinto: 1.8mm

Quinto: 1.8mm

Conga: 2mm

Tumba: 2.2mm

Super Tumba: 2.4mm

Djembe: 1mm

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