New Skins For LP Matador Bongos

I recently put new skins on these LP Matador bongos- .8mm horse on the macho, 1.4mm steer on the hembra. I’m digging the contrast between the blonde skins and dark blue shells. Michael DeLeón shared the following feedback. “Manito Percussion has done it again! I’ve been purchasing heads for various Conga and Bongo drums with them since 2019. Always a pleasant experience, and always stellar quality. The recommendations for my most recent purchase (given by Swen) were spot on from the color and feel, to the sonic tone and texture. The Macho has a very crisp/popping presence, while the Hembra has that classic low, full body punch! Looks fantastic with the deep blue shell I have! This set is actually a gift to my father and mentor Miguel DeLeón. I couldn’t ask for better skins. I absolutely love the work that comes from Manito’s shop. Thank you guys!”

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