Premium PreMounted™ Bongo Heads: 6-3/4″ Macho



Premium PreMounted™ Bongo Heads elevate the sound of any macho. The right skin can make a huge difference in the sound of a macho. A variety of skin types, thicknesses and three color options make your PreMounted™ heads fully customizable to suit any application.

PreMounted™ heads are hand crafted to order on 3/16″ stainless steel flesh hoops using proprietary processes to fine tune globally sourced premium Horse and Steer skins.

Mounting is easy, as our PreMounted™ heads are designed to be plug and play.

Please select crown type, skin type, thickness and color preferences.

Production times vary based on thickness, color and order volume. The typical required drying time is one week.


Skin Types

Horse: Peruvian horse, very crisp slaps, bright/resonant tones, high action, ultra smooth and dense playing surface

Steer (Peru): Peruvian steer, crisp slaps, round open tones, rich bass, highly controlled overtones, warm and classic, medium action, ideal for studio

Steer (Middle East): Middle Eastern steer, crisp slaps, round open tones, rich bass, controlled overtones, warm and classic, medium action, very smooth and somewhat supple playing surface, ideal for live and studio, our shop favorite

Available skin colors: natural, amber, chocolate


These PreMounted Bongo Heads will fit:

LP Bongos

Aspire Wood & Fiberglass (LPA601 f. **, LPA601 ·AW)



Any macho with LP EZ Curve Crown


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Additional information

Weight .75 lbs
Dimensions 8.5 × 8.5 × 1.5 in
Crown Type

EZ Curve

Skin Type

Horse, Steer (Middle East), Steer (Peru)

Skin Thickness

Medium 1.3-1.6mm, Medium Thin 1-1.3mm, Thin 0.7-1mm, Extra Thin <0.7mm

Skin Color

Natural, Amber, Chocolate