For the best sound, it is essential to match the right skins and drumheads to your conga, bongo, bata, bomba, djembe, or any other drums.

dark bongo head
dark steer skin

We offer a variety of steer, cow, calf, horse, Fat Cat™ water buffalo and Black Gold™ buffalo skins for any drumming situation.  Whether live on stage, in the recording studio, or at a drum circle, our skins and Premounted Heads™ will elevate the sound of your drums!

Steer skins give unsurpassed volume, and profound bass.  Their tones are clear with minimal overtone and the slaps are crisp and easy to play.

Premounted steer skins bongo
Medium Brown Steer Premounted Conga Head

We are dedicated to sourcing only the highest quality rawhide from around the world.  Every skin is hand selected and processed with our proprietary methods to create the world's finest natural drum heads.

The addition of Premounted™ Timbale heads to our skin offerings brings the cleanest natural tones to your tims for that old school sound.

Timbale Heads