PreMounted™ Premium Steer Skin Conga Heads: LP Models


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PreMounted™ Steer Skin Conga Heads are made to fit most LP Conga models.

The right skin can make a huge difference in the sound of a conga drum.  These PreMounted™ conga heads will elevate the sound of an entry level instrument with greater volume, shorter decay, smoother tones, and reduced overtones. 

We hand craft these heads from our signature Peruvian steer skins and mount them on 1/4″ stainless steel flesh hoops.

Choose your LP conga model, the size, thickness and color that you prefer!  They are ready to go on your drum and very easy to mount.


Over the years, LP has offered many crown/rim styles- each with unique geometry. Our heads are specifically designed to fit the following:

Traditional Crown: rolled thick gauge, steel flat bar

Traditional Conga Crown

EZ Curve Crown: thinner gauge steel, rim-radius curve

Comfort Curve 1 Crown: thick gauge steel, rim-radius curve

Comfort Curve 2 or X Crown: note smooth ear, thick gauge steel, rim-radius curve

Z Crown: extended collar, note ear with imprinted triangles, thick gauge steel, rim-radius curve

Additional information

Weight 1.3 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 0.5 in
LP Conga Model

Armando Peraza/Durian Wood/Fiberglass Accents, Aspire/Highline/Caliente, LP Classic/Classic Accents/Salsa/Pre-2004 Galaxy & Giovanni, Matador/Vivo/CC1 crowns, Patato/Candido/LP Valje/Palisades, Performer Series/Classic 2, Post-2004 Galaxy/Giovanni/Palladium/Anniversary/All Top Tuning

Drum Size

Requinto 9 3/4", Quinto 10", Quinto 11", Conga 11.75", Conga 12", Tumba 12 1/2"

Skin Thickness

Extra Thick 2mm-2.5mm, Thick 1.6-2mm, Medium 1.3-1.6mm, Medium Thin 1-1.3mm

Skin Color

Dark Brown, Medium Brown, Honey


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