What size steer skin should I mount on my drum?

To mount a flat skin on your drum, it is important to have a large enough skin size to make it easy.  Having a slightly larger skin can make the difference between an easy job and a struggle.

We recommend the following sizes:

For Machos in the 6.75″ to 7.25″ range: 14″ skin

For Hembras in the 8″to 9″ range: 15″-16″ skin

For Requintos in the 9.5″ to 11″ range: 18″ skin

For Quintos in the 10.5″ to 11″ range: 20″ skin

For Congas in the 11″ to 11.75″ range: 20″ skin

For Tumbas in the 12″ to 12.75″ range: 20″ skin

For Super Tumbas over 12.75″: 22″ skin

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